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Workout Routines For Post Natal Mothers

Working Out

When the baby has come to the world, a new phase in the life of a woman has begun. Even so much a happy and anticipated event, however, often overlooks a lot of swelling, pain and perhaps even depression.

The postpartum period is 6-8 weeks after placenta excretion. Physical activity is required in order to facilitate faster restoration of the body.

Gymnastics improves the psycho-emotional state of the woman, blood circulation and promotes rejuvenation in the body – tissue healing, abdominal contractions, and strengthens ligaments and muscles that have become weak during pregnancy. Proper gymnastics also promotes lactation and prevents loads from being prevented. When exercising, all changes that occurred during pregnancy disappear.

However, before you start exercising, be sure to consult your doctor for bleeding, breathing problems, fever, heart rhythm disorders, or any other complications after your pregnancy, you cannot exercise.

Doctors Orders

If the doctor does not mind, exercise can begin two hours after childbirth, diaphragmatic breathing, small movements of the arms and legs, and tightening and relaxing of the muscles of the arteries. After childbirth, you have to practice often, but with a small number of repetitions. Sitting suggests better in a “Turkish posture” (crossed legs) – it’s a better part of the body’s lower body and, if broken, they are better to survive.

Abdominal muscle training can already be added on the second, third day after childbirth exercise. When training abdominal muscles, arms should be crossed over the stomach, pulling their hands together at the top of each body.

In the first three days, it is recommended to just lie down. On the fourth, fifth day, exercises can be superimposed on the abdomen and quadriceps.On the sixth and seventh day, you can continue to exercise even upright, but keep track of the exercises without causing pain. We are still practicing with a small number of repetitions.


You can relax by lying on your back to the side. Lying on the abdomen can keep the cushion under the abdomen. This will help the uterus to recover its normal condition and reduce pain, tightening the uterus. Correct lifting from the bed (through the side), as well as obesity, should be taken as the abdominal muscles are still restored and weak, and incorrect lifting from the bed or bedding can damage the back.

Exercise should be arranged with patience because muscle tone can be recovered, measured in days, but muscle strength – in months. Larger physical activity can begin after two months.

However, do not start immediately with aerobic exercise because slips and excessive load may stop the formation of milk, promote slipping and incontinence. After nine months it may, but until then, the body has not yet recovered enough. Also, lessons in the water, the water temperature should be warm enough to conserve the breasts.

Many mummies want to work with a baby. This is a good way to feel closer to the little man, as well as doing the exercises with a baby.

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Before you start taking a lot of classes, be sure to consult with your healthcare professional on if you should be doing strenuous activity. This is important especially if you are having a child soon.


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