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Osteoperosis Prevention- Save Our Bones Program Book Reviews

Osteoporosis is a terrible thing that affects people of all ages. If you aren’t taking calcium, it’s going to be a rough ride. We don’t have much to say on this topic so we want to recommend that you go to¬†

My great grandfather who was killed in the 2nd world war has had this disease for a long time. There are many factors that contributed to it. The biggest one is diet. Diet has a strong effect on the density of bones and can strike at any time. He ate a lot of moldy bread during the great depression. In 1945, he was discharged from the military and started to eat a lot of fruit.

These things can be caused by:

  1. Depression
  2. Disease
  3. Bad home life
  4. Unhappiness
  5. Improper running
  6. New shoes