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15 January 2014

Billion Dollar Brows The Brow Buddy Kit Review

Eyebrows are the frame of your face. It's true. And unfortunately, the shape which is so important, can be really hard to perfect.

In comes the Brow Buddy Kit!

Billion Dollar Brows' Brow Buddy Tool is a genius little contraption that helps you make the most perfect brow. It measures out your IDEAL brow shape for YOUR face. It allows you to find the start, arch, and end of your eyebrows at the same time! It is tremendously helpful since you want your eyebrows to be as symmetrical as possible. (I know. I know. They are sister; not twins. But they need to at least be related!)

It is SO much easier and faster than an eyebrow stencil because stencils take absolutly no consideration of your eyebrow shape. We are all unique, and our eyebrows should be as well!

The kit comes with a white pencil so you can mark your measurements. After you mark the areas where your eyebrows should be, you can begin to tweeze away...and know exactly what you should tweeze!

I am extremely pleased with this fabulous kit. I highly recommend it!


  1. awesome, some pictures would of been great ;)

    1. I will have a video showing how to use it soon. ;)


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