3 Pillars of Backlink Generation You Need To Know About When Working on SEO

Search engine optimization is not one thing, it’s not just 3 words that use an acronym of seo. Yes, you may see that on the surface, but when it comes to creating market share with optimization strategies online, you will find that it stands for something greater. The greater good here is in response to getting attention where you need it most. When you are ranking high on search engines, you will get in front of a global audience, one that will allow you to move forward and see a greater good overall. If you are #1 in search results, the chances are you will get a lot of hits. The hits will not just be traffic, it will be targeted traffic, which means that your call to action will get answered in a very easy, and prominent manner. It’s with that in mind that you will want to look into backlink generation, and it has 3 major pillars overall.

The Authority One Way Link

The premier link that you can get is the authority one. When you are given the nod from an authoritative website, you will gain serious market share and rank. In fact, you may find yourself going forward with an incredible increase in traffic. Authority pages can be information heavy, or they can be from pages that are ranked Page Rank 7 and higher. The key here is to earn the links, and don’t just buy them. Some people buy them in droves and as a result, get targeted as spammers within search engines. Don’t buy your way to the top, because your page will only land there for a few minutes, before it gets dumped out. If you “game” this system, you will get found out and it’s not pretty.

The Comment Section Link Exchange

SEOSome websites allow you to leave a comment and that will index fast and give you a nod. However, you need to be careful here. Some comments have been seen as spam. If you want to get the comment section push, you will need to comment on a site for a while before you interject your url into anything. Not only that, your commenting schemes have to be longwinded. Make sure that you write a lot of information or you will get no sort of market share. You want to create the idea that you like the content and that you’re reading the page. If you can’t “lie” then read the page, and post your thoughts that are legitimate. Don’t fake it.

The Video Marketing Edge

Video marketing has allowed people to connect with others in a whole new manner. That means that you will be able to share your links with millions of people as you upload content. The content will push you through with a link embedded in the summary and description of your site as well as the video itself. When you spread your video across several marketing portals, you will get more backlinks and that will increase your page fast. That’s right, you will get pushed forward with relative ease if you post your videos with links attached and information that is relevant.

The above pillars are just 3 of the options that you will see in regards to backlink generation. It’s easy to forget that all these things are connected to internet marketing. You want to ensure that you are able to push forward with the right link building strategy. Without the right elements in place, you will end up with a mired view within search engine listings. You don’t want to be brushed aside or dropped out of the eyes of searching parties, because you will lose out in the long term.